Humpday Headlines

It is 80 degrees in Chicago today. 80. This is madness, and I love it. I rarely take a lunch at work but today I escaped for a quick walk on the river. Here’s a few photos I snapped along the way:

Clockwise from top left: underneath the Columbus Ave. bridge, the tents set up outside Lizzie McNeal’s for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the ridiculously clear skies over the city from the east, can you spot Marilyn?

Hope you’re blessed with great weather too, wherever you are! Here’s what caught my attention this week:

Chilled Greek Orzo Salad

Today’s recipe is brought to you by spring.  I know we’ve mentioned it ad-nauseum, but Chicago is truly representing global warming with a bang.  I think the spring preview has everyone thinking about summer and the great things it brings: Cubs games, the patio at Tavern, Arnold Palmers on the beach…so excited!  The warm weather obviously also brings lighter fare to mind – those hearty soups and warming stir-frys leave a great impression, but no longer have that same lunchtime appeal.  Instead, I opted for a Greek inspired chilled orzo salad.  Combine parsley spiced chicken, grape tomatoes, fresh spinach, kalamata olives, a bit of lemon juice and olive oil and a sprinkle of feta cheese for a delicious and flavorful lunch.  I’m sure this would be tasty warm as well, but it makes such a light delicious lunch, I just couldn’t bring myself to warm it up.  Enjoy!