Humpday Headlines


The good news about really, really busy work days is that they go really fast while you’re in the middle of them. The bad news is that you wake up feeling like it SHOULD be Friday, which I’ve basically done since oh, Tuesday.

  • Greatest idea ever. Self-listed bread and breakfasts and reviews… and these are no normal houses. As in… Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwartz House. Trip, anyone? Currently obsessed with!
  • Chicago Magazine’s “The Hot List” – hot new restaurant openings for March. Thoughts: 1. Must get to Tavernita and Slurping Turtle as soon as humanly possible. 2. Why is the (horribly named) RPM Italian missing?
  • I love the Oatmeal, and this comic is one of my all-time favorites. What We Should Have Been Taught in Our Senior Year of High School. “Feetsies!”
  • Easily the cutest mani how-to I’ve ever seen! The Bow Mani from the Beauty Department.
  • A friend sent me this and I’m so, so glad she did. Lauren Conrad Makes Me Want To Be A Better Person.
  • And definitely the most important thing I can shareBlessed by Brenna. I came across this story of a Chicago-area family whose newborn baby girl was born with a rare skin condition. So much perspective and so inspiring to read this mama’s love for her daughter.

My Humpday gift to you was NOT linking to Jessica Simpson’s Elle cover. Just… why. Happy Wednesday!

By Boe



Probably a very late-comer to the party, I first found by boe on Haute Look.  The self proclaimed “cult” jewelry line has been around since 2000, with the brain behind the design, Annika Inez, opening shop in Manhattan.  Her attention to detail and playful mix of materials makes the line adored by celebrities, showcased in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition and coveted by the girl next door.  Fortunately for all, by boe has expanded from it’s NYC location and is available through their online portal of goodness,


1.  Hardware Bracelet

2.  Little Cubilete Bracelet

3.  Dart Bracelet

4.  Leather Coil Bangle



5.  Luxe Leather Ring

6.  Diamond Earrings

7.  Kai Earrings

8.  Rain Earrings



9.  Smitten Necklace

10.  Amazon Necklace

11.  Hammock Necklace