Cut the fluff.

Alright, let’s just put it out there.  I love wine.  No comments necessary.  I may not know much about it, but I always love learning.  The techniques, the pairings, the traditions, and most of all….the amazing names.  Seriously, we’ve all heard of the “bitch” wine line – thanks Tamra Barney, but there are some really creative wine labels and brands out there, which, coincidentally make great party-conversation starters as well as memorable gifts. 




Cut the Fluff.  One Man Band.   Big Day White.  Big Red Hiney.  Mommy’s Time Out.  Chat-en-oeuf (Cat in/on an egg.  Not sure why I find that funny).  Gross. (Sauv?? Gross?? BLASPHEMY!)  Bored Doe.  Back Seat Bounce.



Colorfully Protected


Okay, apparently I’ve missed something.  Maybe I fell asleep for the past 3 years or something but when did tech accessories get so CUTE?  Honestly, I’ve never seen such an amazing collection of colorful, diverse and functional accessories in my life.  Brand powerhouses like DVF, Rebecca Minkoff and Jimmy Choo have just vomited their genius onto our tablets and I’m not the first and wont be the last to say, “thankyouthankyouthankyou.”

As a side note, we can essentially title this post: Ode to Kate Spade.