Stuffed Pork Chops


My mother is a woman of many great ideas.  When we were children, she helped us make our own Native American costumes  with simple white pillow cases and leaves and berries for dye.  When we staged a Thanksgiving play in our living room, she had the foresight to video-tape it for later embarrassment.  She instituted the tradition of decadent seafood and chilled wine on birthdays.  So when she called to suggest we have stuffed porkchops for dinner, I knew we had another winner on our hands.  Using mostly ingredients already in the pantry, we made a stuffing of portabello mushrooms, chopped pecans, honeycrisp apples and applewood smoked bacon.  We lightly packed our butterflied porkchops with the soft and fragrant mixture and baked them for roughly 20 minutes.  The edges crisped, the pork was tender and the stuffing was the perfect combination of sweet and savory with an unexpected crunch from the pecans.  Yet another great idea, Mom!

We didn’t have an exact recipe at our disposal, but there is a great collection of recipes to pick bits and pieces from – enjoy!






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