Day-After-Humpday Headlines


Sorry my headlines didn’t quite make it by Humpday, but this week has been quite the juggling act. I’m really looking forward to time with my seeester tonight to finally, finally catch up on her trip and life in general!

  • Speaking of that juggling, I’m so glad I searched for that image because I stumbled on this awesome set of color photos of women in the circus in the 40’s and 50’s. And I think my life is crazy sometimes…
  • I knew I wasn’t crazy! Attending meetings lowers your IQ. I wonder what conference calls do?
  • The new Foursquare offices are pretty darn awesome. iPad meeting schedulers?! Newspaper wallpaper? Love.
  • This picture is worth a million words. So funny.
  • Being in advertising, I love seeing crazy stunts like this one. Alex Thompson, a UK sailor, literally walks the keel of a boat in a Hugo Boss suit.

PS – sorry this posted itself 19 times in a row before I realized it was happening. Yay, technology.

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