Spring Fever


It happens every year: embarrassing and premature spring fever.  I blame it on J. Crew and the multiple copies of their structured and brightly-colored outfit suggestions that appear in my mailbox each month; one copy is addressed to me, one to the former tenant and one to “our friend at _____ Street.  Maybe it’s because J. Crew is always the FIRST publication to suggest a thin ballet flat in the dead of January (ahem, KNOW your audience) and maybe it’s because I really can’t resist colored leather, either way, I’m certainly not at a shortage for spring-inspired bathroom rea…..just plain old reading material.

Either way, given the past few days of late-February sunshine (and lack of context from which to judge what “kinda nice out” actually means anymore), there’s practically a guarantee that I will end up tomorrow wearing this outfit pulling the old “no, no…I don’t need gloves,” too-thin jacket wearing, “maybe these open-toes shoes will work,” it’s almost….warm….outside, trick.  Old habits die hard.

  1. Aerie Sweater – Open Knit
  2. J. Crew – Classic pavé link bracelet
  3. J. Crew – Miansai® rope bracelet
  4. Burberry Scarf
  5. Kelsi Dagger Shoes – Fanetta Lace Up Booties
  6. J. Crew – Edit Attaché Bag


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