Sage lunchtime wisdom



I’ve started the habit of making my lunches for work the night before.  No quickie sandwiches and bagged chips for me!  Since it’s said that breakfast and lunch are possibly the most important meals of the day, I’ve decided to treat my lunches as the largest meal of the day, leaving my post work, post work-out dinner as lighter fare.

To do this though, requires a bit of calculation.  It needs to be something portable, easy to assemble and of course, good left-over.  I’ve definitely had my share of lunchtime debacles that I’m not too proud of (including the infamous bean burrito incident of 2011), but I’m getting smarter as I go.

Tomorrow’s meal is my favorite type: the ol’ one-container dish.  Yes, that’s code for: I’m low on Gladware.  A base of mashed sweet potatoes , a small portion of grilled chicken breast with goat cheese and a heavy sprinkle of fried sage leaves on top.  The first time I had fried sage leaves was at The Florentine in the JW Marriott downtown.  The crispy leaves topped tiny pumpkin stuffed pasta shells swimming in brown butter.  I’ve been hooked since.  Frying the leaves completely mellows the texture and crisps them to a perfect crunch.  Seriously I could eat them whole.  Just pluck a few fresh leaves and cook them until slightly brown in a bit of butter.  Careful – once these guys heat up, they tend to burn quickly.  Trust me on this…it’s a garnish that tastes as delicious as it looks!



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