Good deeds


Did you know there is a Good Deed Organisation? Seriously, Google it. Can my good deed for the day be ignoring the spelling of organization with an s? No? Fine.

Anyway, the GDO (which, if you didn’t know the original website name, would have some funny interpretations for that acronym. God Damn Onions.) is a user submitted act of good will and general coagulation of positivity. In it’s own words, the website intends to shine a spotlight on the “amazing good deeds that are taking place all over the world at this very instant.” Despite the fact that someone like me might question the “submit your own good deed” like – as, for the record, would anyone who has seen the Friends episode where Phoebe struggles to find a truly un-selfish good deed. For those of you who clearly live under a rock…err…I mean those people who were obviously too busy studying for college to watch the episode, Phoebe tasks herself with finding a selfless good deed which she finds difficult as every time she completes a good act, she gets a case of the warm and fuzzies. The reward of feeling so good afterward negated the selfless requirement. Can it be a good deed if it’s self-reported to a website? Who am I to judge.

Here are a few examples pulled directly from the GDO (the Glory Days Ophthalmologists).

11/10/11: Chicago Area

Went to my Doctor today and spent a few minutes asking how HE was doing. His fight against cancer months ago left him with a huge weight loss and difficult speech. It occurred to me that he listens to others ailments all day and few really want to listen to how he is doing. He really appreciated it.

The last time I asked my doctor how he was doing he bemoaned the invention of Halloween as the day his two grandson’s became “cracked-out” sugar fiends. You win, Chicago Area.

19/9/2011: Seattle.

I bought an anonymous muffin for my colleague on their last day of work.

Mythical date aside, did anyone catch that muffin’s name?

8/15/2011: Ontario

A few months ago my daughters and i were driving down a street in London, Ontario, where we live. we can to a very large and busy intersection and we were going left. i there were some people crossing and so i stopped and waited. when suddenly my 17 year old daughter said ‘mom, mom look’ what had her so excited was that this lady in her mid 20s to mid 30s was crossing with some grocery bags in her hand. she some how dropped one and her groceries were falling and rolling all over the crossing area of the street. some guy about her age two cars down waiting for the light to change got out of his car and helped her pick everything up and helped her cross the street with all her groceries. both my daughters left that area thinking that he was a hero.

Gentlemen, take note. Thank you, Cinderella of roly-poly groceries, for that awesome memory.

9/2/2011: Liverpool (is anyone else noticing a relatively un-American trend here?)

I went in the chemist for my lazy friend’s prescription, helped an old lady who dropped her handbag.

Anyone else wondering if Liverpool called out the old lady for being clumsy the way she did for the friend being lazy?

12/18/2009: Reading.

It was freezing this morning. I was wearing two tops and two jackets and I was still cold. I passed a homeless man selling the big issue and thought ‘he must be freezing, and he doesn’t have a warm place to go.’ So I stopped by a cafe and bought him a cup of tea.

Seriously. Who saw that going in a VERY different direction after the mention of TWO shirts and TWO jackets. It’s almost like Reading was dressed for two…

5/8/2008. London

My wondering friend tattie has just taken a huge weight off my shoulders by offering to sell my festival tickers on the internet for me as I just can’t figure it out…Fantastic, wonderful, glories friend of mine…”

Um. White people’s problems.

And the winner is….

4/12/2008: Wimbourne.

I put the television on mute when my mum calls.

Thank you, Wimbourne. Just…thank you.

Jokes aside, should you decide to check out the website – and perhaps use a less critical search parameter than I did (aka, don’t just look at the entries with funny pictures) you’ll see the pure range of good deeds, perceived or otherwise. Enjoy and pass it on. Pass on the goodness, not my snarky comments, of course.


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