View from above



I now believe that the hallmark of a great vacation is a lack of pictures.  Live in the moment!  Well, at least that’s my excuse for not taking more photos.  Sigh.  I must say that some of my finest vacation photography occurred at 38,000 feet and possibility in violation of FAA regulations.  In lieu of photos, all I can offer is my vacation by the numbers*.

  • 4:  nights in beautiful Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  • 17: lizards I spotted
  • 1:  number of lizards I names and possible counted 16 more times
  • 2: trips to the front desk to score our amazing room upgrade with a walk-out patio overlooking the view above
  • 45: seconds it took for the local character to convince us to hop on his idling boat for snorkeling
  • 3: amazing hours snorkeling in the world’s second largest coral reef.
    • 2: number of times I freaked and inhaled salt water because I felt one of my flippers brush my legs and was convinced it was a shark.
  • 1: sketchy batch of ceviche to turn me quickly back to my favorite resort dish: fire roasted plantains
  • 2: pink sunburned feet
  • 1.5: great books read under a thatch hut on the beach
  • 3: times I ate “divorced eggs” for breakfast.  Eggs sunny side up – one cooked in a spicy red tomato sauce and the other in a tangy tomatillo base and possibly the best “lost in translation” dish name ever.
  • 1 big thank you to Mexico for such a great break Smile



* please note that certain numbers are missing from this chart – including namely, number of daiquiris drank (drunk?) – for reasons that have slipped the author’s mind.


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