The way to a man’s heart…

is through food. Coincidentally, that is also the way to my heart!

I don’t subscribe to the theory that Valentine’s Day is just for women and I was so excited to make JB dinner yesterday. One, because he’s pretty amazing and definitely deserved a great dinner, but also, I just love to cook and don’t often have an reason to make a big dinner like this one.

When we were in New York, we had this amazing garlicky shrimp dish at a tiny tapas restaurant in the East Village called Nai Tapas that I recreated as our appetizer using this recipe. There is no picture of the finished product because we were too busy licking the bowl.

I picked up some absolutely gigantic filets at Whole Foods, seared them in olive oil with salt and pepper, then broiled them the rest of the way with gorgonzola crumbled on top. I also made a balsamic glaze to top it with, and served roasted asparagus on the side.

I was so happy that everything turned out as well as it did! Valentine’s Day success 🙂

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