Thanks to’s word of the day, I now know why I embarassingly often cry to Adele! This is great news. It does nothing to explain why I sob at Disney movies and Folgers commercials, but that’s for another day.

“In particular, Adele embellishes the song with unexpected notes called appoggiaturas, or grace notes. Appoggiatura means “a propping up.” Musically speaking, it is a note that is not essential to the harmony or the melody. The appoggiatura contrasts the melody and creates tension, according to musical psychologists. This tension is relieved when the singer returns to the melody and provides emotional relief to the listener.Then the tears start flowing.”

Read more from here

I love Adele and was so happy to hear that she won a Grammy yesterday for Rolling in the Deep, which has been in serious rotation since the album came out.
If you haven’t seen this video of Adele in her home, talking about the inspiration and motivation behind  ‘Someone Like You’, its worth a watch. If you’re as appoggiatura-sensitive as I am, get the Kleenex ready.

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