Bake Pops–the cake lollipop disaster

Okay here’s what nobody will tell you: Bake Pops, or cake lollipops, are a ton of effort.  Seriously, hours of your life will be covered in batter and then rinsed down the drain.  Not only will the batter expand unevenly and beyond your expectation, coating soft cake balls with relatively heavy melted chocolate is not an easy task.  That simple dunking maneuver they use on the website is an absolute sham; the easy white chocolate drizzle decoration a non-starter.  Trust me when I say that you will waste a minimum of $6 Dean and Deluca pink sugar on these round little jerks.  The best part of the whole experience was plucking the overexcited, overcooked batter droplets off the top of the pan and eating them in a shroud of depression and self loathing.  Also, if you’re someone like me whose muffin tins have a constant layer of crumbs because you simply cant be bothered to scrub the inside AND the outside of 12 muffin cups, then scrubbing 36 cake pop holes is a real treat. 

Rant over.  In the end, my 36 cake pop pan yielded 27 edible/presentable cake pops.  The inside is a raspberry cream cheese concoction, the outside a quick heavy layer of dark chocolate and mini-chocolate chips or pink sugar crystals.  These better impress my coworkers, and that’s all I have to say about that. 





4 thoughts on “Bake Pops–the cake lollipop disaster

    • You doubt me? MOI?! Fine, they were decent. Lesson learned: don’t add cream cheese to a recipe unless you are willing to whip the batter into a terrified frenzy, otherwise you will spend the day explaining the white chunks in your cake. My arms crapped out right around the “I only barely notice you” frenzy level.

  1. You totally inspired me to buy Brussels sprouts, but apparently not enough to cook them (still waiting for you to stop by, I guess). They taunt me every time I open the lettuce bin, and are looking more and more like they are destined for the worm bin. These look very tasty, but after that explanation, and after reviewing the state of my own muffin tins, it isn’t going to happen either.

    • I learned that Brussles Sprout lesson the hard way! I can only buy them when I’m actually prepared to make them the same day, otherwise they turn into round, green paper weights. Expensive little jerks of a vegetable.

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