Salted Oatmeal Cookies with White Chocolate Chunks

These cookies are seriously delicious.  Let’s just start with that.  Taken from Smitten Kitchen’s fabulous cookie repertoire, they win me “good girlfriend” brownie points every time.  Today they were made in an attempt to reinforce good behavior: the purchase of plane tickets for a much needed getaway to Riviera Maya.  The trip-for-cookies exchange, however, is problematic for many reasons; the most glaring one the fact that now there are 24 cookies sitting in a tin nearby just two weeks before a beach vacation.  I choose to eat them vicariously through my writing.  Well, I also chose to eat the ones that were slightly brown around the edges, or flat on the one side from overspreading into the apparently too-close cookie neighbor during baking…AND the ones who broke apart due to my over-zealous spatula maneuvers.  Come on, I had to protect the integrity of the batch!  Sheesh.   





After all the sugar consumed through my…err….writing, I’ve been craving something salty.  Next up on my SK recipe must-make list:  cheddar, beer and mustard pull apart bread.  How delicious does that look??


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