Life lately

Last week was filled so many fun memories.  Selfishly I have to say that my birthday really is a gift to everyone.  Honestly.  You’re welcome, world.  Between the pre-drinks veggie pizza and spicy eggplant caponata with the girls last weekend, strawberry and cream-cheese cupcakes at work and the delicious and incredibly decadent birthday feast with my family, I can safely say that we were all well fed last week.  Let me know if I should provide an address for thank you cards**.

In reality, I felt so blessed to have the support of the wonderful people in my life on my birthday, and yes, I promise this is the last I will mention of it; my final comment being that there are some days that make a person stop to say a brief “thank you” to whomever or whatever it is that one might pause to appreciate in their private, personal moments of reflection, and I’ve certainly experienced my share. 







**I’m registered for thank you gifts at Bed Bath & beyond.  Oh!  And TJ Maxx where I’m waiting for some really cute Cynthia Rowley throw pillows to go on sale.


One thought on “Life lately

  1. I love that you’re grateful for the abundance in your life, and that you write run-on sentences, too! (must be in the genes…) There’s some beautiful photography pictured here-artistic talent is greatly appreciated!

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