I found a hardware store the other day.  Ordinarily not a very exciting discovery, but as someone who thought she didn’t live close to one – and coincidentally used to trains, planes and automobiles it to Home Depot – it was really a very good day.  I filled up a basket with random items and more than a few copper trinkets, mostly because I liked the color.   I lugged my spoils home and processed down a creativity path that could only be described as a relative mess of wire, wood and mesh, and a hacksaw scare a Hollywood director would be proud of.  I’m swearing off wood projects in the near future.

It took more glue than I’ll ever admit, but eventually came up with two very different, but hopefully sturdy suspended wine glass holders. Now I just need a few new wine glasses to fill out my shiny copper prongs…good thing my birthday is coming up Smile


My collection of goodies!


The wine glass rack in my apartment hangs in the space created by the window-style pass through from my kitchen to my living room: over head but still readily accessible.


The second wine glass was a gift to Laura, and hangs by her kitchen window and…well, frankly, a slightly sad looking plant.  No offense.

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