Take me away!

This post unofficially sponsored by Spirit Airlines – zero legroom and mildly consistent arrival and departure times at best! But – the home of $9 one-way fares. They also name their weekly travel deals things like “The Get MOASS Sale” – a.k.a. the Mother of All Spirit Sales Sale. Just… amazing. Sign up.

I’ve always loved to travel and dream of seeing the world some day. But, with work schedules and budgets, its always seemed overwhelming to plan the trips I dreamed of. I was reminiscing about what a great year 2011 was with JB and was shocked to realize that I was lucky enough to rack up five fun weekend getaways (plus one Chicago staycation!) last year; far more than previous years. Thanks, Spirit!

And while its not as relaxing as a week on the beach or as culturally enlightening as the week in Italy I envision someday… there’s nothing better than having something to look forward to. I don’t know about you, but trying new restaurants and exploring a new city definitely does just that. I hope I’ll be able to make these little getaways a big part of 2012 as well!

On the books for 2012:

  • San Diego, February
  • Dallas, April

In my dreams for 2012:

  • Montreal, August
  • Miami, October
  • Breckenridge, December

Who’s with me?! Ali, this means you!

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