The Dreaded Brussels Sprout.


Look at those brussel sprouts!  Or, as I just learned via spell-check, “Brussels” sprouts – who knew?  They’re so happy, bobbing there in the boiling water.  Like little kids in a swimming pool – a temperate swimming pool obviously, not at all boiling.  I may have had a glass of wine prior to boiling the sprouts.  Either way.  There they are.

While Brussels sprouts may get a bad rap, I think Laura and I are firmly in the thumbs up category.  As a versatile vegetable that goes swimmingly (har…har….get it?) with bacon, butter, parmesan cheese and pasta, really what isn’t there to like?  Brussels sprouts are commonly known for their distinctive shape (tiny heads of cabbage!) and their repulsivity to kids, but they should be better known for their health benefits and delicious taste.

Deemed a cruciferous vegetable, this tiny dense veggie packs a punch with its incredible dose of vitamin K and vitamin C, clocking in at upwards of 120% of your daily recommended intake of these specific nutrients*.  Brussels sprouts provide digestive support by supplying nearly half of the daily recommendation of fiber from only 200 calories worth of the greens.  They are also rumored to provide multi-faceted assistance with your body’s necessary detox through the same sulfurous quality that gives sprouts their bad reputation (IF overcooked – take note).  If you’re interested in learning more, our good friends and personal mecca workers over at Whole Foods have provided some pretty convincing support in favor of Brussels sprouts that may just get you over the hesitant hump.

Tonight I chose to eat the delicious little veggie as a cold salad, with chopped dates, slivered almonds and toasted parmesan cheese.  Add a light, sweet honey mustard or vidalia onion vinegarette and you may just have a change of heart, or head…little heads of cabbage…no?  Okay I’m done.

salad 2

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*In case any one of our 4 readers (ahem, family members) are actually fooled into thinking I can give qualified medical or health advice, I should clarify that, quite obviously, I can’t.  Last night’s dinner of sour, gummy lifesavers can testify to that effect if things get ugly.

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