Cheater Rice.



I love fried rice.  Really, who doesn’t?  But like practically everyone in the early weeks of January, I’m “eating healthy” for the duration.  Ahem.  Moving on.  It’s Monday night and after skipping lunch – bad, I know – in favor of frozen yogurt, I was quite hungry!  Embracing the ingredients but skipping the fried part, I decided to make a relatively healthy stir fry dish. 

Our momma used to make stir-fry (which Laura and I loved) until a certain younger brother and certain stepfather told her it was horribly dry.  There may have been a reference to leather.  Broke her little heart.  She never made it again. 

In an effort that would make her proud, I used brown rice, sautéed the chicken and vegetables in a teriyaki sauce (rather than oil or butter) and heaped the top with organic, cage-free eggs.  It was anything but dry.  The final product was a delicious mess of chopped portabella mushrooms, boneless skinless chicken breast, peas, bean sprouts and some fresh basil but I’m seeing a broccoli, cashew and pineapple version in my future!

TIP:   I also threw in a few peppers from my nameless/varietal-less pepper plant while the rice cooked to give it a bit of flavor.  “Flavor” apparently also means burn your tongue.  You’re so fickle, mini-pepper plant. 

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One thought on “Cheater Rice.

  1. Never used the word leather. Couldn’t, dry chicken was stuck in my throat.
    Other than that, your momma, my lovely wife, is the best cook I know.
    You and Laura run a close second.

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