On running, Airborne and wall art

It is finally Saturday and for the life of me I can’t figure out how a four-day work week felt like the longest week ever. Ever, ever, ever.

Since my little braincells are just pooped, here are some random thoughts accompanied by pretty Pinterest pics. Lucky you!

via pinterest

I’m considering running a half-marathon. I attended a meeting and everything! I did a 15K last year then promptly stopped running any kind of distance. I can do 3-4 comfortably now, but I just need to add oh, another 10 miles to that in order to actually cross the finish line.

The positives:

  • I’d be in great shape before summer
  • Its for a great cause
  • New friends and I love friends

The negatives:

  • 8am group runs on Saturday mornings
  • 8am group runs on Saturday mornings
  • 8am group runs on Saturday mornings

Ok ok I’m so doing it.

will too. via someecards

I have been fighting a cold and all I want to do is sleep. Despite feeling like crap, I powered through it and went to work all week… hurry and call the waaaaaahmbulance.

You probably won’t even believe this, but mixing Airborne and hot green tea does not create the ultimate healing cocktail. Instead, combining these two things, both glorious on their own, creates a mug of foamy hot brown water where vitamins went to die. Weird.

now I just need babies. via pinterest

My creativity bug is still going strong and since Ali is naturally much craftier than I am, I have roped her into a Sunday Funday that I intend to be very, very different than New Years Day Sunday Funday. Anyway, we plan to cook something new and do “a craft”. Do not know what yet but I do know Pinterest is to blame for this urge. The above is my top runner… I think some of these panels would look really cute in my kitchen.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend… I’m off to a belated holiday dinner with friends (though it feels like mid-March, not early January!). I have been cooking and baking all day and am so excited to see everyone and destroy my post-holiday diet progress in one night. 😀

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