Life lately

The holidays went way, way too fast. A few of my favorite memories:

Balloons on New Years Day

I skipped going out on New Years Eve and instead went to brunch on New Years Day. It turned out to be a great plan, but I have never seen the city so deserted as it felt on the walk to brunch at 9am!

The Barrelhouse Flat

I read a great write-up of The Barrelhouse Flat at my parent’s place over the holiday; a Prohibition-style speakeasy themed bar in Lincoln Park. I went with some friends to check it out and I will be back as soon as humanly possible. It completely exceeded my expectations and I got to try two new things: a drink made with egg whites (Pisco sour – amazing!) and bacon popcorn. Bacon. Popcorn. I was in heaven.

Lincoln Park at night

I fulfilled my holiday goal of zoo lights! The lights were beautiful of course, but so was the east-facing view of the Lincoln Park skyline on the clear night.

Handmade spring rolls

My dear friend Shai who is the hilarious and beautiful blogger (and my inspiration to finally get this little blog off the ground!) behind DrunkOnShoes invited me to the most awesome cooking class at Sunda. We had a great time making cocktails and the Asian-inspired appetizers that Sunda is so ridiculously good at. You can read her detailed write-up and check out her non-camera-phone-pics of the adventure here.

True love

Ali snuggling with our family’s cat by the fire over the holidays 🙂

L for Laura

The prettiest gift from one of my girlfriends for Christmas – suddenly all of my gold and silver jewelry works together!

Lincoln Park at 6am

Early morning runs to start off 2012 on a healthy and positive foot. I prefer running in the winter to running in the summer and its so pretty to run through the park.

Holiday detox!

The anti-Christmas-cookie. MUCH needed.

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