No one sticks to new year’s resolutions, right? Right. I have hilarious lists in old diaries of all of the resolutions I’d make to my adolescent self every year including truly aspirational items such as “wear makeup to school every day!” and “don’t be so afraid to talk to boys!” My priorities were totally in line at 15.

I have always loved art, design and being creative. While this isn’t where my career path has taken me, I started illustrating a few cute girly prints for some friends over the holidays and literally can’t stop. I just want to come home from work every day and hop right back on the computer where I’ve spent the last 9+ hours and finish the last little illustration I started. Or start a new one altogether. And I am loving it. As in… I muted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My priorities are still totally in line.

There’s literally zero purpose for this right now other than its really fun and most likely a more productive way to unwind than watching Camille Grammer murmur her way through 60 minutes of a breast augmentation/anti drug infomercial.

So, I won’t call this my new year’s resolution… mostly because I really, really want to stick to this. This is just my goal for myself in 2012 – to continue being creative. Here’s a few of the things I’ve done recently.

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