Traditional holidays.

In the past few years our family has changed in many ways: all for the good.  But as someone who fights to keep every tradition alive, it’s meant some compromise as we all learn to create new holiday traditions.  This year was the perfect example of how our new holiday favorites made a wonderful appearance.


Our beautiful, if slightly striped Christmas tree.  Every year my mom is a fanatic about testing the lights to make sure they don’t flicker out after the tree is decked.  The light checker this year was me – needless to say, I wont have the job again next year.  Ahem.


Pearls for the Christmas Eve church service.  Laura was a very fancy lady!


Christmas morning quiche.  My mom and I made both a traditional cheesy sausage pie and one with bacon specially for the younger brother.  While everyone had their favorite version, I think we were ALL surprised to learn how few eggs there actually are in a quiche! 


One Christmas our granddad brought out a puzzle and we spent hours hunched over the kitchen table in a vain attempt to finish.  This year Laura made an impromptu decision to pick up a new puzzle to continue the tradition for Christmas completion and sadly, it still looked pretty much like this when we left to journey back to the city. 


One tradition that I refuse to let go of is Christmas eve soup.  Every year my momma makes a delicious crock pot chicken soup and this year was no exception.  The smell always reminds me of the holidays…


These nutcrackers have survived multiple household moves and somehow always make their happy return at Christmas.  I’m not sure where they originally came from but I can always trust on their square-jawed presence to make me smile.

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