Football Sunday

No one in our family has ever been super-sporty and that remains true to this day. I’ve staunchly remained a completely ignorant on anything sports related while Ali’s 2 years at Ohio State gave her a crash course in Extreme Team Fandom 101. While neither of us are involved in any kind of fantasy league (“now there’s FAKE football?”) or trash talking other teams at work, we DO appreciate the atmosphere of a good football Sunday. Especially when this involves a bloody mary bar and fun girlfriends.

So Ali and I bundled up and hopped on the red line to head over to Rockit in River North.

How pretty is my sister?

Part of the reason we chose Rockit was the famed $5 bloody mary bar… and it totally lived up to the hype. They’re served in mason jars which is a big win as this makes them both cute and awesomely huge. Perfectly spicy with TABLES of fun add-ins like meat and cheese skewers, pickles, peppers, and hot sauces.

Rockit's Bloody Mary's... prior to us stuffing them with olives.

With our friend Anna.

Watching football with girls is so much better because no one thinks you’re weird when you Google “who is Tim Tebow” at the table to figure out why everyone keeps talking about him. We ordered a bunch of food to share, but my absolute favorite were the truffled tater tots – ridiculously good and a “game-day special” for only $5.

Rockit Truffle Tots

Rockit Truffle Tots

The highlight of the day was winning this bottle of wine in a raffle… I feel like I always enter raffles but have never won a thing! It was for charity, so happy to help a good cause… but as they started raffling off football coffee table books and jerseys it occured to me that anything we won would basically be of no interest. Until they announced they were giving away a signed bottle of Mike Ditka’s wine – and we won. Destiny, obviously!

Our signed bottle of Mike Ditka's wine.

Such a great day. I told everyone I was excited to do it again in January, upon which even my sister looked at me in disbelief and informed me that the regular season ends in December. So until next year, football. Its been great.

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