Peppermint Bark

There are few combinations I love more than peppermint and chocolate. And while its obviously a winning combo all year, I definitely associate it with the holidays. I think it started when we were little – our mom always bought us this special holiday ice cream that had chunks of candy cane and chocolate shards swirled in. I haven’t seen that ice cream at the grocery store in years, but now Ali and I celebrate the start of the holiday season (aka Black Friday) fueled by our first Starbucks non-fat peppermint mochas of the year.

I was invited to a basketball game by a friend from work and she’s a seriously amazing baker. I wanted to thank her for a great night with some holiday goodies but anything baked was obviously out… I like baking, but I bake so rarely I never feel as confident in how the end product will turn out and especially not as a gift for a master baker! And while I wish I could pack her up some Five Spice Garlic Chicken, that would be weird. So, when I came across this recipe for Peppermint Bark, I knew I had a winner. I added crushed mint M&M’s to mine but otherwise followed her recipe to the letter and it was a big hit. I’ll definitely be experimenting with other versions of “bark” this holiday season – such a great gift, super easy and SO good!

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