Chicken with fontina & spinach

Tonight, still on my low carb kick, I was craving something fresh and delicious and still very flavorful.  I stopped by my local Treasure Island, picked up some beautiful spinach and my favorite prosciutto (can you tell the prosciutto to other ingredient ratio is quite high?)  I had planned to make stuffed chicken breasts but apparently sale prices on the good ol’ boneless skinless will run them off the shelves in a hurry.  Left with chicken tenders, I went with the stacking method:  take a slice of prosciutto, tear it in half length-wise into two pieces for better tender coverage and place the tender on top.  I layered a slice of fontina on top of the naked tender, pinched a handful of chopped artichoke hearts onto the cheese and lined the top with spinach.  When you’re reading to wrap the wobbly sucker with prosciutto, you can criss-cross the edges for even coverage.  Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes and as always, enjoy with a big glass of red wine.  (Lately I’m obsessed with the Rex Goliath Pinot Noir – maybe it’s the legend of the 47 pound rooster, maybe it’s the colorful bottle…it’s delicious).  Enjoy 🙂

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