what a weekend. period. wait…redundant.


This weekend was one of those amazing collections of days that really makes you love your life.  While much of it was courtesy of an amazing boyfriend, it really started on Wednesday night when Laura and I planned a date night with the girls. (WARNING, if you’re in one of those post-breakup or single-lonely-and-hate-the-world-lonely slumps, I would suggest you stop reading now.  While we all have problems/issues/avoidances in our relationships, this is NOT a sob story that focuses around those moments).  Anyway, girls, Wednesday:  BYOB, sushi and a bit of celebration made for a fun night. 

Friday boyfriend took me out for dinner at one of our favorite local places and had a dirty martini waiting when I arrived (insert creepily happy face here).  After an amazing dinner of tuna tartare, hamachi carpaccio and my favorite – if not confusing – roll with avocado, super-white tuna and raspberry, we went out for drinks and sommeeehhowww may have been over served.  Predictably, we ended up at our favorite local Mexican joint for late night burritos.  We took our food back to his place and had a 3am dance party in our socks to the oldies.  Classic!

Saturday, nursing mild hangovers and in major need of caffeine, we showed up one of our regular brunch restaurants where I had the most amazing eggs benedict with fresh spinach on crispy brioche.  Boyfriend had the benedict special with house made sausage with bacon in it and pesto hollandaise.  Somehow one mimosa turned into 5 (shocking!) and we spent a chilly, dreary, Chicago Saturday tucked into the corner of a welcoming bar with wine, a fireplace and candles.

Sunday afternoon ended with a surprise couples massage, an extended rain-shower at the spa (solo you perv!) and an wonderful, luxurious dinner of…well, a buffalo chicken wrap.  Hey, what do you want from me?  Old habits die hard.




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