Warning–H.O.T. (no, not the name of the new weezy song)

Today I had some time on my hands after being incredibly over-served on Friday night.  I had the mental capacity of luggage today.  Samsonite.  So obviously I spent the day wasting time on useless websites (I’m talking to you, passiveagressivenotes.com) and thinking about food.  It seems I couldn’t pass through a cooking blog without reading a recipe for adobo-chipotle-marinade-from-peppers-in-a-can-burn-your-lips chicken.  After the 14th recipe called for the addition of honey, I was sold.  (I’ve been meaning to pick up honey to sooth my overly dry face.  I made a brown sugar, pumpkin and honey face mask and had it on my face for snacking…err….moisturizing while I grilled the chicken).  

In retrospect, I should have listened to my gut and known the marinade was too spicy.  I like to THINK I like a ton of heat, but really I don’t.  It burns my lips.  So while the marinade added a ton of flavor to the meaty chicken, it could have been a bit more balanced.  The honey and garlic added delicious flavor – maybe it would have been better to roast the garlic first?  Next time. 

Here’s a picture of my cooking wine.  I call it cooking wine because you drink it while cooking.  Duh.  Come on – explaining everything is exhausting.  Wine consumed while cooking doesn’t count.  I left it in the freezer for too long and was trying to capture the tiny snowflake like icicles that developed.


Here’s a picture of the marinade splat on my cooktop that came from a meaty drumstick sliding off during the Transfer Process.  Transfer Process:  the shifting of drumsticks from the marinating dish to the hot grill pan.  The Transfer Process involves scooping a single drumstick onto the one remaining clean fork and trusting it’s slippery self to balance on the 1.5 foot trip from dish to pan.  I chose not to use a reinforcement for drumstick balance because it meant dirtying another utensil and it was slim pickings.  I also chose not to stab the chicken to secure it so that I wouldn’t pierce the meat and loose essential juice.  It’s really almost hard to believe the Transfer Process wasn’t flawless.   


Anyway, the chicken burns my tongue but it’s good.  Delicious, really.  It helps that I grated lime zest and chopped cilantro into sour cream and used a hand blender to whip it together.  It created an amazing mouth cooler that tasted like it required entirely more effort than it did.

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